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Awoi's Last Live

As I write this, Awoi is playing their last live in Osaka tonight.

They sold out the popular venue "Big Cat" in Amerika-Mura, Shinsaibashi.

They will release a DVD of this live in December. Those who are at the live tonight can pre-order, and as a special bonus they will get a cut up piece of Awoi's backdrop (the one with their big hand logo). It will go on sale from Face Music on 24 December 2014. No idea if it will be available overseas.

In housekeeping, I have updated their complete discography here: Awoi Complete Discography

Thank you to everyone who joined this community and supported Awoi throughout the years. I know no-one uses LiveJournal any more, so if you have any ideas of where I can post future updates, let me know.


Awoi - Abelcain Single Translations

It seems I'm the last on the bandwagon to translate this, but since I've translated all their songs so far, I feel I should keep doing it!

Awoi's song lyrics have taken a sharp turn from being about fairly concrete things to abstract things, which I guess is the whole "New Awoi" thing they've been talking about (apart from the new members, obviously LOL).

AbelcainCollapse )

BeautyCollapse )

RainCollapse )

Tsumetai Te (Cold Hand)Collapse )

Questions, suggestions, feedback, let me know! I will try to finish the rest of their songs that I haven't uploaded translations of yet soon^^;;

Awoi - Mini-Album ZACRO Lyrics Translation

This is probably the fastest I've ever translated an album. It's a bit different to their previous albums, with much more polished music IMHO. I've included notes with the lyrics for nitpickers!

Overall note: Because this album is obviously more about male-female relationships, I've decided not to go with gender-neutral translations any more. Any song sung from a male POV I will say "her" or "that girl" instead of "that person" because it makes more sense.

ZACROCollapse )

Awoi - Sunnyday Lyrics Translation

Translation of the free single that was given out at record shops and lives around Japan in the past couple of months.

SunnydayCollapse )

I'm still waiting for my copy of Monokuro to arrive from Japan... I hope it does, or I might never be able to translate it>_>;;
Sorry this took so long! Coming soon will be Sunnyday and Monokuro translations~

OthelloCollapse )

SirenCollapse )

GhostCollapse )

LullabyCollapse )

Translators NotesCollapse )

Awoi "DEADMAN" Lyrics Translations

Only one of the songs is new, but I will put all the lyrics (with one addition for the English Lyrics of the new version of Ren'Ai Shashin).

I am... DEADMAN.Collapse )

Awoi Lyrics Translation - Haisuikou

I meant to upload this with Nakunaranai Uta but I forgot. This single was given away at their 3rd one-man.

Lyrics under the cut.Collapse )

This is one of their most beautiful songs! Otogi's voice has changed a lot recently.
You asked for it and you got it! XD Sorry I'm always so slow with these things^^;; I put some translators notes at the bottom too, so read them to make more sense of these^^;;

Lyrics cut for length...Collapse )

The original lyrics are posted on Awoi's HP and Otogi's website as well.
Only 2 days until their 3rd one-man! I'm excited! So I finally got around to editing some lyrics I translated a while back. Enjoy!

Enjoy! Although they are kinda depressing...Collapse )

The original lyrics are posted on Awoi's HP and Otogi's website as well.

Awoi "Boku" Lyrics Translation

I know I've been behind in posting lyrics translations... but anyway, here's "Boku"! They have recently re-written the music to this. Originally it was very slow with a powerful ending, but they made it into a jazzy number, LOL. I hope they release the new version as a bonus track sometime!

Boku (Me)Collapse )

This is one of Otogi's vaguer songs, read into it what you will^^;; The original lyrics are posted on Awoi's HP and Otogi's website as well.